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Feng Shui

The Chinese word for fish, “yu”, is the same as the word for success, and so it is thought that if an aquarium of fish is placed in the office and/or home, then good fortune will follow.

In Feng Shui teaching, aquariums are thought to be auspicious because they represent (symbolically in part) the perfect combination of the five elements of nature, ie water, wood, earth, metal and fire (the goldfish).

According to Feng Shui teachings a certain number of fish attract harmony, wealth and abundance, with 8 goldfish and 1 black fish (for protection from and to absorb bad luck), thought to be the perfect combination. An odd number of fish is also thought to be lucky. If you would like your aquarium set up according to Feng Shui teachings, just let us know when you order your aquarium.

Feeling of Wellbeing from Live Environments Aquariums

The movement of water in an aquarium is known to release negative ions into the atmosphere. In sealed modern buildings today, with computer terminals, fluorescent lighting and air ventilation, there is an overabundance of positive ions, which is thought to cause tiredness and irritability. The atmosphere charged with negative ions from the moving water in an aquarium, has been shown to relieve stress, due to an increase in the levels of serotonin in the body.

Aquariums have been known to reduce blood pressure, due to the calming, relaxing effect of the moving water and fish.

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