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Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium Maintenance

Live Environments can offer a comprehensive service and maintenance schedule of your fish tank. The service price includes regular servicing, replacement fish, plants, fish food, servicing of the filter and 24/7 call-outs.

Our aquariums help in enhancing the space where they are installed, bringing, colour, life, peace, and a positive energy to your environment. Thus, it is essential to maintain them on regular basis. Regular maintenance keeps the aquariums clean and all the fish healthy. You can contact us for any type of aquariums be it office, business or general.

Our Aquarium Service

The Live Environments’ Aquariums are based on an automated system that ensures self-maintenance and so there is nothing you need to do. The fish are automatically fed and the lights are on a timer. The aquarium’s filter automatically circulates the water four times per hour and filters the water both mechanically and biologically ensuring the water is clean and healthy water for the fish. Live Environments’ aquariums use of less power than a 50-watt light bulb, costing just 25 cents per day.

The service of the aquarium is done on an 18-day cycle and includes complete service along with the replacement of all aquarium fish, plants and filter materials, when required. Our experts conduct the service in the most precise manner using the finest quality materials and machines and we offer a 24/7 after hours service. This means if the client needs service outside the normal service cycle, you just ring at 0800 021 818 405 (0800 FOR FISH). This number is on the badge on the aquarium.

We offer a simple monthly agreement with a full calendar month’s written notice required ie cancellation from the first to the last day of the month means the aquarium rental ceases at the end of the following month. After this, our executives will come and collect your aquarium free of charge.

What Aquarium Sizes Do We Offer?

Live Environments has rental aquariums throughout New Zealand in the reception areas of health professionals, day rooms of rest homes and hospitals, call centres, small and open plan offices, pharmacies, banks, libraries, preschools, primary schools, colleges, hairdressers, churches, funeral homes, motels and restaurants.

There are three standard sizes of aquarium available depending on your needs:

LE100- 100 Lt Display Aquarium 1.8meters high and 450mm wide.
LE150 - 150 Lt Display Aquarium 1.8meters high and 480mm wide.
LE200- 200 Lt Display Aquarium 1.8meters high and 510mm wide.

The diameter of these aquariums is equal to an average typist chair.

We can also provide custom-built aquariums to suit your requirements. Just call us on 0800 021 818 405 and one of our Representatives will come to your place, at a time which suits you, to provide professional advice.

Our Franchises

Live Environments has franchises in Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Taranaki, Wellington, Canterbury and Otago, New Zealand.