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Aquarium Rentals

The Live Environments aquarium is a totally automated system, so there is nothing you need to do. Your fish can be fed automatically and the lights are on a timer. The filter circulates the water four times per hour and filters both mechanically and biologically, ensuring totally clean and healthy water. Our aquariums use less power than a 50-watt light bulb and cost less than 25 cents a day to run.

Your aquarium will be serviced on an 18-day cycle and includes full service, replacement of all aquarium fish, plants and filter materials, when required. We offer a 24/7 after hours service, so if the client requires service outside of their normal service cycle, they ring 0800 021 818 405 (0800 FOR FISH). This number is on the badge on the aquarium.

Our monthly agreement is a simple arrangement, with a full calendar month's written notice required ie cancellation from the first to the last day of the month means your aquarium rental will cease at the end of the following month, when we will remove your aquarium.

What is our Purpose?

We are committed to offering the best environment, to any space, with our aquariums. We ensure to bring life, colour, and movement in any workspace, as the aquarium creates an atmosphere peace and calm. This is the reason many people love to install aquariums in their workspace as it brings positive vibes to their environment.

We offer a wide range of display aquariums to offices, modern businesses, healthcare sector, restaurants, and various other places. We offer big size aquariums too on rental basis. With our aquarium rentals, our client will get complete servicing of the aquariums including maintenance, cleaning, fish food, goldfish or tropical fish.

What We Offer?

Live Environments offers rental display aquariums along with service and sales to corporate professionals, businesses, educational facility, and the health industry across New Zealand. We provide aquarium displays and fish tanks for rental for any type of office or business.

Our aquariums can be installed in any room, be it waiting, meeting, reception, hallway, day room or classroom. Also, we can provide a FREE aquarium trial.

Just ring 0800 021 818 405 to get aquarium rental details and free trials. Follow the prompts to reach any of our nationwide franchisees.