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Our Aquariums

Our aquariums not only enhance the beauty of any space but also ensure positivity in your environment. Placing an aquarium has many positive effects on the environment, as well as the people around it. As per Feng Shui teachings, keeping fish tanks and fish aquariums at home or in the office, will bring success and harmony to that environment. A Live Environments’ aquarium of fish brings positivity and liveliness to the environments where they are widely installed, such as offices, hospitals, institutions, your own home and many other places. The moving water and moving fish inside the tank are believed to emit positive ions, diminishing the negative ions. Such positive vibes offered by good luck goldfish, entice happiness and health.

Live Environments offers many varieties of fish and aquariums. In addition, we provide rental aquariums across New Zealand to meet the requirements of different offices. Our aquariums are widely in demand in health care centres, hospitals, rest homes, open offices, preschools, primary schools, churches, funeral homes, restaurants, motels, and various other places. We offer three sizes of aquariums, the LE100 litre: 1.8 metres x 450mm wide, the LE 150 litre: 1.8 metres x 480mm wide and the LE 200 litre: 1.8 metres x 510mm wide.

If you require a fully-serviced Live Environments aquarium to rent, then the price ranges from $140 to $219 plus GST per month. It depends on the size of the aquarium you choose along with the geographical area in New Zealand.

Fish that You Can Keep

There are many freshwater fishes that you can keep in your aquarium. Also, the temperature and size of the aquarium depends on the type of fish that you want to keep. Whether beginner or experienced, fish keepers love to keep colourful fish in their aquarium. So what type of fishes can you keep in your aquarium?

Goldfish are cold water fish and there are many varieties eg reds, golds, pearls, fans, calicos, black moors and many more.

Tropical fish require warm water (heater) and they include Danios, Guppy, White Cloud Mountain Minnow, Betta, Cory Catfish, Dwarf Gourami, Cherry Barb, Black Molly, African Cichlids, and various others.

Tips to Choose Your Pet Fish for your Aquarium :

  • Keep friendly fish, i.e. ensure they are compatible and not hostile towards their juvenile, or to other varieties.
  • Try to avoid keeping male and female tropical fish of the same species, in the same tank.
  • Invest in the right size fish tank to make sure that the fish has sufficient water to grow and thrive.
  • Pick those fish that are active and can swim well.
  • Do understand the condition of the water that every fish requires before keeping them.
  • Do not mix goldfish fish (cold water) with tropical fish (warm water).

Aquarium Maintenance

Get your aquarium properly maintained and cleaned with the assistance of our experts. We have all the equipment and materials that ensure your entire aquarium is properly cleaned. Our experts are highly experienced in conducting the maintenance in an efficient manner. In this way, you can keep your aquarium clean and safe for your fish. To get the best aquarium maintenance assistance in New Zealand, contact Live Environments.

We also provide Free Aquarium Trial. Contact us to book today!